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🌎 Dr. Dismukes Discusses Gas Prices, Energy, and Louisiana’s Global Impact

Thu Jun 30, 2022
For more than 30 years, David Dismukes has worked in consulting, academia, and government service. He’s currently the executive director, director of policy analysis, and professor of LSU’s Center for Energy Studies. He is also a professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences in the LSU College of the Coast & Environment. In this episode of the "On Par with the President" podcast, the energy sector expert discusses gas prices, energy supply, and Louisiana’s global impact.To learn more about Dr. Dismukes and see a transcript of this episode visit by his favorite sport and the idea of individuals at LSU being "on par" in their areas of interest, On Par with the President is a podcast hosted by Louisiana State University President William F. Tate IV. During each episode, he will chat with students, alumni, faculty, and staff from the LSU community who are at the very top of their game about their journey to success, setting and fulfilling goals, creating a legacy, and more.Subscribe and listen: