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🦀 Julie Lively Takes a Deep Dive into Louisiana Fisheries and the Coastline

Thu Nov 3, 2022
Learn more about the "On Par with the President" podcast, see photos and transcript at: this episode, President William F. Tate IV sits down with the executive director of the Louisiana Sea Grant College Program, Julie Lively. Her research has centered around commercial fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico with a focus on blue crab including soft shell crab production, which generates about $293 million in Louisiana each year. Her work also includes shrimp and the shrimping industry, which generates a $1.3 billion economic impact per year. Louisiana is the largest producer of seafood in the contiguous U.S. Lively has led a wide range of Sea Grant-related research projects supported by more than $23 million in funding for which she has been the principal or co-principal investigator. Lively, an associate professor in LSU’s School of Renewable Natural Resources and Louisiana Sea Grant’s fisheries specialist, began her career at LSU in 2010.Louisiana Sea Grant strives to promote stewardship of the state’s coastal resources through a combination of research, education and outreach programs critical to the cultural, economic and environmental health of Louisiana’s coastal zone. Louisiana Sea Grant is part of the National Sea Grant College Program, a network of 34 university-based programs in each of the U.S. coastal and Great Lakes states, Puerto Rico and Guam.Subscribe and listen: